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A common question asked is “what is the difference between Acrylic and Gel manicures?”. The difference is in the mixture and the drying method.

Arylic nails are a liquid and powder mixture, applied with a brush that cures with no lamps in 2 minutes or less. Color and glitter acrylic powders can be used to create dazzling effects. Acrylic nails generally last longer than gel nails. The curing time for acrylic liquid is generally a couple of minutes as exposed to air. You may notice more odor from an acrylic nail application, but it isn’t harmful, provided the salon has good ventilation.

Gel nails must be cured under a UV or LED lamp. While gels are odorless, it still puts off vapors and need a well ventilated salon the same way acrylic nails do. Gel nails can be soaked off with acetone in usually 10 minutes. Gel manicures may hold their color longer without chipping than acrylics. Gel nails last up to 14 days.

With both acrylic and gel nails, damages to the nail can break the seal and cause infections to develop. Should you have a trauma to your hand or nail, stop by your nail salon so they can check and repair the nail. Leaving it unchecked can cause bacteria or germs and develop an infection.
One thing you should be aware of. If a nail salon applies a gel overlay to an acrylic nail, that is not normally considered a Gel Nail service. Gel top coats may be added to an acrylic nail to create a high gloss gel shine. This is a perfectly normal service as long as it’s not sold as gel nails. The easiest way to determine if you are getting real gel nails is if the gel comes in a jar or tube, if the application is odorless and if you must put your hand under a UV or LED lamp.

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